Lower Likhu Hydropower Project (28.1 MW)

  • Location : Sirise, Saipu and Bijulikot VDCs
  • District : Ramechhap
  • Type : Run of the River

Welcome to Swetganga Hydropower Limited

Swet Ganga Hydropower & Construction (P.) Ltd is a special purpose vehicle for implementing Lower Likhu Hydropower Project (28.1 MW).

Lower Likhu Hydropower Project (LLHP) is a run-of-river (RoR) hydropower project with an installed capacity of 28.1 MW. The entire project area (headworks to power house) is located at Sirise, Saipu and Bijulikot VDCs of Ramechhap District, Central Development Region of Nepal.

Geographically, the project lies between 86˚ 14’ 58” E to 86˚ 13’ 17” E and 27˚ 25’ 50” N to 27˚ 22’ 47” N. The project’s headworks is located at the right bank of Likhu Khola, Sirise Village of Sirise VDC at some 200m upstream from the confluence of Pokali and Likhu Khola.  Whereas, power house i..

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